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Some tips to take care of fresh cut flower



✿ After receiving your bouquet and taking some lovely pictures, please unwrap the bouquet and put the flower into a vase with plenty of water that covers at least 2/3 of the stems under the cord. 

✿ change water daily (if using flower food, water can be changed every 2-3 days

✿ Got a sharp and angled cut to the stem by 1inch every 2-3 days

✿ make sure the vase is clean enough.  You may use bleach to clean it

✿ remove wilted flowers so they do not contaminate the rest.  rearrange the bouquet from time to time

✿ remove all the leaves that might be submerged in the water

✿ 跟花束拍完美美的照片後,請將包裝拆去及將花束放入一個已裝水的花瓶,水位最好能有綁繩位花腳的2/3

✿ 每天換水 (如用到鮮花養料粉,則每隔2-3天換水一次便可

✿ 每隔2-3天斜剪花腳 

✿ 確保花樽是乾淨的,可用稀釋漂白水或清潔精去進行清潔

✿ 除去一些已凋謝的花,以免污染了其他乾淨的花。 有需要時把花束綁繩位拆掉,重新整理花束

✿ 把可能浸到水的葉除去 


✿ 只需每天吱~50-60ML 的水入花泥中間,保持花泥濕潤便可以了 

✿ Add water ~50-60ML to the centre of the floral foam.  Simply keep the floral foam moist

✿ place the flower under direct sunlight

✿ put the flower under strong wind

✿ put the flower next to fruits like apples, bananas etc as they produce high levels of ethylene which cause the flower ages rapidly 

✿ 把花束置在陽光底下 

✿ 把花束置在強風之中 

✿ 把花束置在一些生果旁,如蘋果,香蕉等因它們會釋放一種叫乙烯的氣體,會加速花朵凋謝的速度  



✿ Hydrangea - Give more water!  Hydrangea drinks high volume of water.  Make a sharp & angled cut and a cross cut to the stem in order to absorb more water.  You may also mist the metals when you see the flower has not enough water as it absorbs water through the petals too.  However please be careful not to spray other flowers like roses as their petals will get mold once getting humid

✿ Peony - it blooms immediately once it drinks lot of water.  If you want to keep it longer life in vase, give less water

Rose - Normal rose has a longer vase life comparing to the garden rose.  So choose normal rose if you prefer a longer vase life.  But I totally understand that it's so hard not to choose garden roses! 

Woody-stemmed flowers e.g. Lilac, Cherry blossom, Spiraea, Some types of hydrangeas etc - cross-cut the stem base to a depth of 3 to 4cm to make them easier to absorb water

✿ 繡球花 - 多水!!繡球每顆小花就如一枝獨立的花,她需要很多很多水。 斜剪花腳,再在中間剪一刀,做成一個十字切口,好讓她充份吸水。如你看見繡球有點水份不足時,可以在花辦上噴上水霧,有助吸收水份。不過要注意,請勿噴到其他花如玫瑰,因其他花的花瓣接觸到水會很易霉的 

✿ 牡丹 - 當牡丹一上水,她便會開得很快。如果你想延長欣賞她的時間,可以少放一點水。相反,如果你想她開得快一點,可以剪短花腳,放多點水。有需要時,更可把她置在暖水中,讓她快一點開花 

✿ 玫瑰 - 普遍來講,一般玫瑰會比庭園玫瑰耐放一點。假如你想要耐看一點的玫瑰,就選擇普通玫瑰吧。不過,我明白庭園玫瑰的美以及部分品種的香味確是很難抗拒的 

✿ 木質花,如丁香,櫻花,雪柳,部分的繡球花 - 幫花腳必一個3-4cm 的十字腳,讓她易一點吸水 

Enjoy flowers!

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